Real Feel Dildos

  Dildos are still the most popular sex toys in the world, which come in different shape, size and materials.  They have existed since the arrival of womankind on earth, and they seem not to be vanishing any time soon.  Some time back, dildo s were just stick-shaped, but nit until this era where technology has turned everything upside down. Nowadays, dildos are almost like a real penis, and they will give everything, and more than a penis could give you.  The real feel dildos are no longer that bulky and rigid, but they are now genuine, an ready for the game players.

 It took me some hours to research on the different types of realistic dildos, so as you may have an easy time buying them. Here are some of them:

  1. Realcock2

  This is another incredible product form the dildos industry. It has a triple layer, attention detailing and a moving shaft.  It is usually painted by hand, and made3 using platinum cured silicone.

  • Vixen Slimline Realistic Dildo

  Vixen is another, and real feel dildo, which is smooth, soft and texture of the skin just like a real man’s skin texture.

  • Doc johnson12-inch realistic  dildo

  This is so far the most prominent real feel dildo, an among the best real feel dildos.  If you are a beginner in the game, you may find it uncomfortable and quite intimidating. But I promise you that after staying for some time in the play, you will be craving for this all the times.

 All you need is to get all of its bad-boy sides, and all will be well.  Since it stretches on the inside, it is one of the most pleasurable dildos, that will satisfy you m, other than how a real penis could do.

 The best realistic dildos for those on budget

  • Adam’s Cock Pleasurable Skin Dildo

 Even if you are a beginner, this is the real feel dildo available in the market such as the butt plug or princess plug though this should not be confused with the from you are highly advised to go for. Although it is affordable, it will still allow you to get the pleasure that you need. It will also have a girth length worth crying for, so if you are a lover of long cocks, here is your cup of tea.

  Cleaning it may be a little bit tricky, but ensure that you clean and sterilize it after and before every use. To add on that, you must provide that before you start using this dildo, it must be scorched. 

  • Love honey Lifelike Lover Silicone Realistic Dildo

  It is small in size, and very affordable.  It is made of rubber, and it feels very fantastic to insert into your vagina.  Even if you are not a fun of rubber dildos, this is worth trying.

 The Bottom Line

  You might be a single lady, and you are not ready to be in a relationship. These kind of real feel dildos are m, want to satisfy you and make you feel desperate of a man. They will also help the gay partner, to steam up their systems and get ready for their thing.